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Avant is a financial technology company that offers banking, credit, and credit card products to its customers. Before not being a bank, it provides these services in partnership with other organizations. Avant offers its banking services through Evolve Bank & Trust; loans and credit cards are issued through WebBank.Avant-Credit-Card

Avant’s mission is to provide middle-income borrowers with a seamless borrowing experience while maintaining transparency across all products. Founded in 2012, Avant has helped approximately 1.5 million people obtain financing through loans and credit cards. The Avant Card is the fastest-growing credit card in the United States, according to Nilson’s 2021 semi-annual report, serving customers with more than $6.5 billion in credit and 400,000 credit cards.

What Is Avant App?

Borrow better with Avant, an online lending platform that gives you access to credit through a quick and easy experience. Online loan management or credit card management is available through Avant Credit Card. Apply for a loan or card on our website in minutes.

Manage your loan or credit card wherever you are!

The Avant app makes managing your loan easier:

  • View your outstanding payments and payment history
  • Receive automatic notifications on your account
  • Manage your payments, including loan rescheduling and repayment


And manage your credit card Before:

  • Schedule or cancel payments
  • View transactions
  • Add or remove payment methods
  • Enroll in automatic payments and receive electronic statements by email

Once you download the app and sign up, you can access the exact services you expect online. This includes the ability to view your payment history, view upcoming payments, make payments, and apply for credit.

You can also configure your mobile app to receive push notifications. This is especially useful if you want regular reminders when a refund is due.