Avant Credit Card; Those seeking an affordable alternative to a credit-building card that does not require them to make a deposit will find the Avant Credit Card to be a reasonable alternative. It has a moderate annual cost and the potential to earn a higher-than-average starting credit limit. Avant-Credit-Card

For consumers with a fair or average credit score or for consumers without an extensive credit history, theAvant Credit Card is designed for them. This card requires no deposits and has limited perks. In any case, when used carefully, it can be used to build credit and go beyond a debit card or savings account. AvantCard is available to approximately 26 million Americans without credit histories, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Features Of Avant Credit Card

No Security Deposit Required: A secured card, the customary solution when you’re rebuilding your credit or establishing your credit from scratch, requires its cardholder to put up an amount equal to their desired credit line, at least initially. The AvantCard, by contrast, grants you a limit without such a security deposit. As with most other credit cards, the company reviews your application and awards a credit limit of between $300 and $1,000.


Foreign Transaction Fees: Many credit cards charge you a percentage fee if you use your card outside the United States or if you buy from a merchant in their local currency abroad. The price may be above 3% for every transaction. In fact, the AvantCard has no charges of its own, which is highly unusual for a credit-building credit card. So it is a wise choice when traveling overseas or conducting business overseas.

Pre-qualification Available: The AvantCard allows you to apply without an initial hard credit inquiry and get at least an indication as to the terms under which you might get the card, including your likely credit limit and annual fee. However, assuming that information is favorable, and you decide to accept those terms, you must still undergo a hard inquiry to be formally approved for the card.